Do not park in “open” RV sites or in assigned room parking sites. We are still allowing existing reservations to stand and allowing people to return who may have left temporarily. All sites have the accommodation to park at least 2 vehicles. If you have questions about your parking please contact the office.  


                There are still activities planned here at the Ranch to allow for a little bit of socialization. Participation in these events is at your discretion and all have the opportunity for you to be an appropriate distance from others should you choose.

Local Restaurant Support Opportunity

                Shangri La would like to extend an opportunity to support the local community restaurants Sunday – Thursday night; we will be pre selecting a local restaurant for each evening. Come into the office by 4 pm each day to place and pay for your order; orders will be delivered. A member of Management will place the orders and make the pick-up; Place your order with the office ONLY, please do not place an order with the office and with the restaurant. This enables everyone to have a chance to support the local economy by ordering out but not having to go pick it up.

This week’s options are;

                Tuesday March 31st; Tortas Chano           https://www.tortaschano.com/menu/

                Wednesday April 1; Shanghai http://www.shanghaiclubaz.net/menu.asp

             Thursday April 2; Peak and Valley’s https://www.facebook.com/peaksandvalleysaz/

You can follow the links associated with the restaurants (when available) to view their menus or you can come into the office and we will have copies of menus (when available).


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